10/17/14-Erica Wr. (Magnolia) said: “I just received my wedding pics and thought you might want copies of your incredible cake! It was a huge hit. My husband loved it (Texas Trio Fish). The DJ even made an announcement that it was the coolest cake he’d ever seen. My little nephew took home one fish; the rest were gone! One of my friends found out you made the cake and couldn’t wait for us to cut the cake. Thank you again; it was incredible!”

9/9/14-Tammy B. (Giddings) said: “The baby shower cake with that too cute fondant elephant on top was a big hit! And then,  the beach themed retirement cake, oh my,  has us all hooked here in Giddings, Tx!”

8/13/14-Erica Wi. (Houston) said: “Just wanted to let you know that Braxton’s train cake was a big hit! The two different flavors made it even more awesome; everyone loved it and were asking for pieces to go! Glad I went with a bigger cake!”

6/22/14-Donna P. (Huntsville) said: “My boyfriend surprised me with a gift box birthday cake from this bakery. I was so surprised and happy. Karen is such a lovely lady and super nice to talk to.  If only our birthdays were not so close together, we’d be getting cakes from her more often. The cake itself was a nice dark chocolate not overly sweet. The great frosting made a good balance.”

3/31/14-Megan M. (Huntsville) said:  “Wanted to let you everyone raved about how adorable the bee cupcakes were! Thanks again!”

2/15/14- Haley B. (Huntsville) said: “Wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the wedding cake for my friend and doing it on such short notice. She was blown away and even cried when she saw it.  Family and friends loved it.  Kept hearing ‘this is sooo good and where did ya’ll get this cake from?’ Your cake was super moist and delicious as always, and more beautiful than we could have imagined. Thanks for helping us make the wedding couple’s day wonderful.”

12/1/13-Gloria M. (Huntsville) said: “First and foremost, I would like to thank you for my sister’s cake and cupcakes that I ordered last month. They were the talk of the party. Naturally, we all loved it and cannot wait for another cake. Sooooo…”

9/14/13- Tracy/Patrice P.(Trinity) said: “Wanted to let you know we loved the (island with hut and tikki god) cake. It was better than we had hoped. Put a picture of it on my facebook page with a link to your website.”

01/10/13-Marieth B. (Dallas) said: “You made my (Texas with bluebonnets) wedding cake last year January, and it was unbelieveable. Decorated beautifully and tasted amazing! Probably the best red velvet I’ve ever tasted. Even after being frozen for a year, our top tier tasted as moist and delicious as it did the day of the wedding! I justed wanted to say thak you so much for making our day so amazing. The cakes were truly perfect!”

06/29/12-Diana B.(Huntsville) said: ” The baby shower cake was an absolute hit, not only with my daughter-in-law, but with each and every one at the shower. They all commented that it not only looked beautiful but was also absolutely, positively delicious. They all said it would most definitely be worth the drive from Spring to Huntsville for one of your cakes! Thanks once again for always making my cakes so special!!”

05/15/12-Kelly B. (Waco) said: “Thank you for making my daughter’s SHSU graduation very memorable. The cake received many compliments, for it was beautiful and delicious. You executed my requests to the letter, and I truly appreciated that. Thank you so much for your assistance.”

04/01/12-Derrick J. (Huntsville) said: “I had always thought a birthday cake was just for looks and tradition. I had no idea they could actually taste so good, until my girlfriend got me one from Sugar and Spice. Best cake I have ever had! Been getting all my cakes from there ever since.”

10/09/11-Julie C. (Huntsville) said: “I have called upon you several times over recent years to make cakes for my family and our special occasions. And I must say, never have you left me disappointed! From our wedding cakes, to my son’s first birthday (dinosaurs last Decemer), your cakes have been the highlight of our parties. Hopefully, it has been a good source of referrals for your business, as many people have asked and wanted to know, just ” where did I get that cake?””

08/28/11-Evelyn/Phillip S. (Crockett) said: “We were the photographers at a wedding yesterday. The groom’s cake (deer) was so outstanding and awesome. All the comments at the reception were positive for sure…that piece was the main attraction. Everybody there who had a camera spent a considerable amount of time taking photos of that deer. I don’t think I’ve ever worked a wedding reception where the groom’s cake was such a hugh attraction. When it came time to cut it, nobody wanted it destroyed. The eyes were so lifelike, it was amazing. Your piping and fondant work was really impressive and outstanding. The cake appeared to be fairly easy to take apart and serve. However, it made us all sad to see it cut and eaten. Both your bride’s and groom’s cakes were delicious. I ate a big slice of the red velvet, my favorite. I just wanted to contact you and tell you what an awesome job and how very talented you are.”

07/19/11-LaDana/Jonathan D. (Huntsville) said: “Our first anniversary was last Sunday, and I just had to let you know. Even after being frozen for a year, our anniversary cake was still wonderfully tasty and moist. Thank you so much.”

05/20/11-Melissa H. (Huntsville) said: “Called to tell you how wonderful and fabulous my cake (art deco fish) was. I picked it up from you on Friday, but didn’t cut into it till Sunday. I expected a dry cake, thinking it will be a beautifully decorated cake, but won’t taste as good as it looks. Your cake was still so moist! I had been going to someone in the Bryan/College Station area for my cakes. It is wondeful to find someone local. I will use you again. Thank you again.

04/30/11-Brian C. (Montgomery) said: “My groom’s cake (fire extinguisher) looked awesome. I loved it. I received a lot of compliments, some that it tasted better than the bride’s cake, which we got from another baker. There was none of my cake left at the end of the night. Thanks for a great job.”

11/22/10-Becca S. (Austin) said: “My son sent me a picture of the cookie bokay (SHSU quidditch) you made him, minus one he had already started eating. He said all of his quidditch friends were very jealous, and that all the cookies tasted great. He thought it was especially neat that the part that held it all together was edible (edible styrofoam-rice krispies).”

08/04/10-Jackie W. (Huntsville) said: ” Wanted to say thank you for the wonderful cake you made for my dad’s 86th birthday. Not only was it decorated exactly like I wanted, it was also delicious and very moist. The Silver Star that you put on top was perfect! Thanks again.”

02/21/09-Lisa L. (Huntsville) said: “Thanks again for grandma’s beautiful cake. Oh, was it Yummy! Let me put it to you this way. We had about 45 people at the gathering, and not one crumb of cake was left! Our intentions were to save the top tier for Grandma to enjoy throughout the week, but no…..didn’t happen!!! When people discovered it was almond rather vanilla, they were asking for bigger slices. Many, many thanks again, and you can be sure that we’ll be calling you again.”

07/14/09 – Barbara D. (Houston, Tx.) says: “The cookie bokay you made for my boyfriend was just too beautiful to eat. So we froze it, but we did eat the cake. Your cakes and cookies not only look beautiful, but they taste fabulous,too, and it’s not always easy to find both qualities. Thanks so very much.”

07/07/09 – Amber K. McM. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Thank you for doing our wedding cake and cupcakes! They were great and looked so beautiful! Just how we wanted them. You were great!”

06/18/09 – Linda C. (Highlands, Tx) says: “I was at a birthday party for Madison last weekend (the hot pink lady bug cake), and it was absolutely gorgeous and delicious! My son’s birthday is next month and I wanted to order his cake from you. We are on a tight budget, so we don’t need anything as big as the ladybug cake. Hawaiian/surfing is his theme. I am not real picky about the picture. I trust your artistic skills. Thanks!”

06/17/09 – Leigh Ann McW. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “I just ordered the quilt baby shower cake from you. It was beautiful and tasted sooo good! I am hosting a Passion Party next that I need a cake and/or cupcakes for. I have a picture I’d like to show you. Thanks for your help.”

06/09/09 – Christy F. (Willis, Tx) says: “My parents went to Crystal’s graduation party on Saturday and brought back some of your cake. It was delicious! I am getting married in December and will need both the wedding and grooms cake. Thanks for your help.”

06/05/09 – Sandra A. (Madisonville, Tx) says: “You did a grooms cake for a December wedding for Veronica and Roderick. The cake was absolutely delicious. My friends and I argued over the last piece. I would like to purchase that same kind of cake for a double baby shower. I don’t have any specific requests for the baby shower cake. Use your creativity. Thanks so much.”

05/09/09 – Katherine W. (Sydney, Australia) says: “ I live in Australia and am looking at ordering a basic cake with “Giddy Thanks” written on it for a friend currently living in Huntsville. It would need to be delivered and paying you through PayPal is all fine. Thank you for doing this. I thought it would be a lot trickier to order a cake from the other side of the world, but no worries. Thanks again.”

04/04/09 – Megan K. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “I have bought a few cakes from you in the past. I am having a bachelorette party coming up and your cakes came straight to my mind. You did my sister’s baby shower cake and it was a major hit at the party. I can’t remember what flavors I have tried, but my sister sure did when I told her I was going with you for this cake. I do not care about the flavor of the cake-surprise me. I know it will be good. I do want hot pink icing and a black fondant bow.”

04/02/09 – Lori H. (Hewitt, Tx) says: ”Thank you for making the (penguin) cookie bokay! Andrea loved it! She had eaten the ”Igloo” cookie and said it was delicious! She was going to take a picture of it before she eats the rest. I gave her your phone number to give you a call! Thanks again! I will give you a call when I need any more cookie bokays in the future.”

03/12/09 – Angie B. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “My friend Shannon T. recommended your cakes. I am getting married in June and would like to see if it is possible to get an armadillo groom’s cake to feed 75 people from you. I would like to set up a tasting with you.”

03/02/09 – Darlene O. (Trinity, Tx) says: “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being so patient and helpful with Travis and Alexis the other night. I’m certain their (wedding) cake will be beautiful.”

02/25/09 – Candace P. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “I’ve been bragging about your awesome cakes and cookies. I’ve bragged about it so much that everyone’s mouths are watering. I’d like to buy anything sweet to bring to the office for everyone. Don’t forget to give me some cards too!”

02/16/09 – Amber K. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “ I spoke with you a couple of weeks ago about doing my wedding cake in June. My fiancee grew up in Huntsville. I believe you did his brother’s wedding cake, Jeff and Amanda McM. After receiving many recommendations to you, we are pretty sure we would like to use your services for our wedding! We are interested in doing a small two-tier wedding cake and the rest in cupcakes. We expect somewhere around 300 guests. I am so glad you have the date open for me.”

02/15/09 – Lis L, (Huntsville, Tx) says: “ Thanks again for this beautiful cake! Oh, and was it YUMMY!! Let me put it to you this way, we had about 45 people at the gathering, and not one crumb of cake was left. Our intentions were to save the top tier for Grandma to enjoy throughout the week, but NO…didn’t happen!!!…hahaha!!! When people discovered that it was almond rather than vanilla, they were asking for bigger slices.”

02/09/09 – Angela M. (Huntsville, Tx) says: My daughter had an awesome cake from you last year that she loved. I was wondering if you could do the same cake but a different shape. I am sorry for the short notice, but she just decided this morning that she did want another one of your birthday cakes.”

02/03/09 – Lisa L. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “I had one of your cakes a couple of Saturdays ago at Kendall’s birthday party. It was DELICIOUS!!! I fell in love with this cake (from your website) when I saw it. Grandma loves polka dots. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful creation for my grandma when I pick it up.”

12/16/08 – Alicia F-K (Huntsville, Tx) says: “You just did a cake (mandolin) for my office for someone’s retirement party. Whatever flavor that was (white almond), is what I want for my wedding cake. By the way, the cake was OUTSTANDING! “

12/03/08 – Kenny R. (Washington, D.C.) says: “I want to tell you how wonderful the (wedding) cake turned out. We were all completely thrilled to see it for the first time, that it was almost surreal and didn’t want to touch it. You did an awesome job and THANKS!!”

11/12/08 – Larry M. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “The cake (Trojan) you did for me was just jaw-dropping awesome. Everyone could not get over how perfect and beautiful it was. I ran out of your cards and could have used more. I will be back for more of your awesome cakes, and will spread the word. Thanks again.”

10/7/08 – Candace P. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Everything (decorated mini-cheesecakes) was awesome. Once displayed, the stand and cheesecakes were beautiful, and of course, they tasted fabulous, too.”

10/7/08 – Susan L. (Trinity. Tx) says: “Everyone absolutely LOVED the cakes (football jerseys) last night. Most of the adults were having a taste contest and sampled all three flavors. The chocolate and white were delicious, but the unanimous favorite was the yellow! I don’t have any of your cards left, and I told everyone who asked, and it was most everyone, that Karen at Sugar and Spice Bakery was awesome! Thank you so much for your hard work, and we will definitely be back!”

8/13/08 – Nikki C. (Madisonville, Tx) says: “The party was a blast and the cake (truck/dozer) was perfect. Thank you for your creativity. The cake was delicious. I should have gotten the larger one, because all the guests wanted to take some home. You should have some new customers coming your way. Thank you “Cake Lady” (from) your dedicated customer.”

8/10/08 – Renee B. (New Waverly, Tx) says: “The cake was wonderful!! My son was just over the moon with excitement when he saw it. Thank you so much!”

7/27/08 – Renee S. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “You’ve always done a great job on everything I’ve ordered from you! The last cake (plaid and polka dot baby shower) was so cute!”

7/26/08 – Josefine H. (Conroe, Tx) says: “The cake (red velvet) was wonderful. Thanks so much! You make such delicious cakes, (since our wedding in 2006) and I have got it all planned out, that we will use you for whatever cake needs we may have.”

7/26/08 – Hope A. (Madisonville, Tx) says: “ The cake (Juke Box) was great!! It was a hit, and my dad loved it very much. It made his party that much more special!! Thank you for all your hard work!”

7/26/08 – Kelly S. (Groveton, Tx) says: “The (pirate) cake was absolutely adorable. We loved it. The cake was good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing a cake with no eggs. My little boy enjoyed it dearly. It was the prettiest and cutest cake I have ever had done. You did above and beyond anything that I could have ever expected.”

7/21/08 – Elayne S. (Huntsville,Tx) says: “The (butterfly) cake you made for the Usual Suspects was a HUGE hit! Everyone raved on how delicious it was. They also loved the butterfly design. Thanks for making my party so extra special.”

7/19/08 – Mr. and Mrs. Ulrik Bertelsen (Denmark, Europe) says: “We would like to thank you for a beautiful and wonderful tasting (wedding) cake. It was exactly like we had expected with beautiful decorations. It was obvious you had taken a lot of time making our wedding cake. We enjoyed it very much. Our children said it was the best tasting cake they have ever tasted!!”

7/06/08 – Jackie McP. (The Woodlands,Tx) says: “Just wanted to let you know that everyone thought the cakes (lady bugs) were adorable and they tasted great too! Thank-you!!!”

6/12/08 – Martee R. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “The (Super Hero) cake was too cute!!!!!! And it tasted good–of course!!”

6/14/08 – June D. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Everyone really enjoyed both cakes (bride/groom), especially the chocolate-Surprise! The raspberries were the perfect color. Thanks again for the “perfect” cakes!

5/14/08 – Jamie D. (Huntsville, Tx) says: The open house went great! The (moon-star/logo) cookies, brownies, and such were yummy! My bosses loved the logo cookies and thought they were an awesome idea and well done. Thanks for everything and I will be placing another order soon.”

5/11/08 – Suzette H. (Huntsville, Tx) says: The open house was great. The bone-shaped cookies were a huge success. Everyone loved them! We told them who made them too! Thanks for making them in such short notice. I will call you again!”

5/11/08 – Don S. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “The (racing) helmet cake was a HUGE SUCCESS and a HUGE hit! Kenneth said that was the ‘best cake ever’. He wouldn’t let anyone cut it until the next afternoon! He really loved it. Thanks for fitting us in.”

5/18/08 – Charli W. (Huntsville, Tx) says: Thank you so much for the incredible Green Man cake!! What a wonderful job you did! The cake was truly amazing, and it really made a special memory! I really should have had you do the wedding cake also, as your cake certainly out-staged the other! Thank you again so much!”

12/15/07 – Amy B. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Thank you for all the beautiful cakes you have make for me and my family!!”

12/13/07 – Cindy G. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Thank you so much for the gift (biscotti). That was so thoughtful and unexpected, not to mention delicious!”

12/10/07 – Deborah L. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Thanks for all you do (red velvet cheesecake)! You always go above and beyond in all you do.”

12/8/07 – Gina B. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Thank you for doing a great job on the (tool) cake. I will keep you in mind (for my next cake). Your cakes are still being talked about. “

2/2/06 – Erica R. (Conroe, Tx) says: “Kirby is quite excited about her doll cake. She is such a girlie girl, so unlike her mother. We just couldn’t celebrate her birthday without one of your fabulous cakes.”

6/2/05 – Michele B. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “We would like to thank you for the beautiful job you did on the cakes. The groom’s cake (car) was a hit. The orange icing was just perfect. There was none of that cake left! The Bride’s cake just melted in your mouth. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.”

6/7/03 – Melissa M. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Thank you so much for making our cakes beautiful! You did a wonderful job! They were delicious! The tackle box cake was a great, big, huge hit!”

5/12/02 – Rhonda E. (Huntsville, Tx) says:”Thanks for working so hard! The (logo) cookies were a hit at the luncheon. Everyone was amazed at the details. The cake was the neatest cake I’ve seen.”

3/31/01 – Gina M. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Our family wants to thank you for your support as a donor to the Prince and Princess Contest at the Walker County Fair. It was an honor, having both of my children win a title. Without your generous support, this event would not be such a success. The cookies are so pretty, my children want to keep them!”

3/31/99 – WCFA Prince-Princess Committee (Huntsville, Tx) says: “We appreciate you donation of the beautiful cookie bouquets. They really are a conversation piece! We appreciate your hard work creating each one. The children were really excited about receiving them and very proud as well. Thank again for your willing donation and kindness.”

12/6/97 – Ruth H. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “Thank you for making our (catered) wedding reception (and cakes) so beautiful. The food was very good and also pleasing to the eye. Thank you again for your time and expertise.”

5/2/97 – Bernice M. (Huntsville, Tx) says: “I just have to write you a note and say thank you for making my wedding perfect. The cakes were beautiful and delicious. Everyone had a fit over them. The sandwiches were so good and so pretty. I just can’t thank you enough. I am so glad Terri gave me your name and number.”

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